Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Borstal Boys

Congratulations to Ian "Mac" McLagan of the Small Faces/Faces who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame(along with the rest of the band) I had the pleasure of having a few pints with Mac in Austin after one of his great Thursday night shows at Luckys Lounge. A genuinely cool dude who has released two of the better solo albums by any member of British rock royalty in recent years. The Faces, who reunited recently sans Rod Stewart, were arguably the best band on the planet from 1971-1974. For all of the Rod the Mod haters out there, and there are many, please realize  he was once a genius level blue-eyed soul singer who wrote incredibly poignant  songs. Of course it was a quick fall from grace and the whole soccer team/mass felatio rumor hurt. Here's Mac in an interview with Rolling Stone and a clip from YouTube of the Faces performing Richmond.

The real question is whether Guns & Roses will reunite at the ceremony but smart money says no. I'm not sure how to take Axl Rose but his eccentricity seems more Liberace than Syd Barret. Who knows if the band would have dissolved into self parody had they stayed together as modern rock got leaner and meaner and the band seemed hell bent on grandioise ballads. That being said, I hope they do perform together if only to complete my rapid descent into middle age as I listen nostalgically to Mr Brownstone sipping my one nightly beer and chewing on a carrot stick for cardiovascular reasons. Here's an interview with Steven Adler, the most accesible member of G&R(ie broke), from Rolling Stone.

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