Sunday, December 4, 2011

Counter Culture

I'm always fascinated by first hand accounts of mere mortals hanging out with Bob Dylan and this is one of the better ones courtesy of It mainly concerns Victor Maymudes who was a legendary Greenwich Village philosopher and Dylans right hand man for many years.

The idea of a rock and roll hall of fame is preposterous but it exists so I'll write about. Essentially a vanity project for publishing icon/asshole Jan Wenner, the Rock HOF does produce a discernible bump in sales for those deigned worthy of the honor as Janet Morrisey writes in the New York Times.

I'm sure we all have our tricks and have fumbled around the region with a vague idea of what we're doing only to be met with silence. Thankfully scientists have cool grant-funded projects and can map the female brain during orgasm in 3D video. All told 80 regions of a womans body fire during climax, an unbelievable number and more proof that women may in fact over think everything. (joke courtesy of the guy sitting next to me at the bar who was reading over my shoulder. Good job Mr. Broncos fan)

The Black Keys have become a borderline great band and pass for mainstream authentic in these silly auto tune times. Alan Light chronicles the bands slow but steady rise to stardom(a planned MSG gig and a show at the Cumberland County Civic Center) in this article from the Sunday Times.

Are books dead or just dying a slow death? Publishers are upping the ante with gilded covers and other treats for the book buying public writes Julie Bosman.

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